Tradeshow Backdrops

Basic Backdrop . Full Set

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Basic Backdrop 10 x 8 Full Set

Are you looking for the best step and repeat backdrop? Then, it’s time to stop scrolling and add to cart. Our Basic Backdrop 10 x 8 Full Set was made for step and repeats. All you have to do now is figure out which celebrity you want to put in front of it.

Tube Fabric Backdrop . Straight . Full Set

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Backdrop – Fabric Tube Backdrop – 10 x 8 – Straight – Full Set Single

When you’re looking to buy best straight up step and repeat Fabric Tube Backdrop backdrop, our Full Set Single is the classic choice. This modern and sleek design is made with tension fabric and creates a vivid image for your brand.

Tube Fabric Backdrop . Curve . Full Set

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Tube PopUp Backdrop . Straight . Full Set

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PopUp Backdrops – 10’x8′ – Straight – Full Set

Want to buy the best Pop Up Backdrop? You’ve come to the right place. Meet our PopUp Backdrops that is as hip as your brand. No stands, just a solid pop up block of pure personalized branding. Set up and take down in seconds.


When you’re looking for a step and repeat or just want an excuse to show off your amazing brand, backdrops are the right choice. Perfect for red carpets, launch parties, or any kind of promotional event. Have a milestone birthday or party? Backdrops are perfect for pictures that you’ll want to remember. Our custom backdrops make your brand stand out with vivid imagery.

Table Throws

Having an event where you need a table? Don’t miss this easy and effective way to market your brand! At Display Rabbit, we offer a variety of different table throws. From classic table throws, to fitted and stretched designs, we can make any table pop. Looking for a more subtle effect? We also offer table runners that give just the right amount of branding power.


When you’re looking to create a ‘zone’ for your brand, a personalized tent is the way to go. Whether you are at a trade show, farmer’s market, or any kind of outdoor event, our tents will do way more than just protect you from the sun. We can create a custom canopy that will showcase your brand as far as the eye can see. Truly stand out of the crowd with a branded tent.

Banner Stands

If you want your brand to stand out, but don’t have the space for large backdrop, banner stands are the way to go. Make an impact for onlookers everywhere as there is no way your marketing efforts will go unnoticed. Our banner stands come in a variety of sizes, from 24” all the way to 48.” They stand and retract easily and are the perfect way to showcase your brand.


Flags are great way of saying ‘hey, look at me!’ without being over the top. If you’re looking to highlight a certain product or service inside a store or convention, custom flags are a great way to provide a visual cue for your brand. We even offer teardrop and feather angled flags to give your brand that extra flair.


What content should be in the backdrop for a trade show?

Trade show backdrops should include clear, uncluttered content that is relevant to the brand. High-resolution images along with the company logo should be strategically placed to optimize brand promotion, using a step and repeat pattern. Product promotion can also be achieved with a trade show backdrop.

What is a backdrop for a trade show?

Backdrops are physical marketing tools that are often used at tradeshows and similar events. Step and repeat trade show banners are a visual aid that is clearly seen and promotes brand awareness.

How big is a standard backdrop for a trade show?

We offer various sizes of tradeshow backdrops including 8, 10, 20, and 30-foot backdrops to complement any event. See